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Shurtape PC 600 PC-600-COL-product1

General purpose cloth duct tape
Wide variety of colors
High tack adhesive
Easy tear

General purpose cloth duct tape, available in a wide variety of colors, used for packaging, bundling, sealing, seaming, holding, waterproofing, plumbing, carpet, color coding, splicing, and other home and general repairs.


Shurtape PC 618

Performance grade cloth duct tape
Wide variety of colors
Flame Spread Index 15
Smoke Development Index 25

Light industrial grade cloth duct tape, available in a wide variety of colors, used to seal cartons, bind books, repair seats, bundle wires, color code, splice, repair, and seal hatch covers and cargo doors in the shipping industry. Use as a condensation barrier in appliance assemblies. Tested in accordance with UL 723.


Shurtape PC-619

Specialty grade cloth duct tape; Fluorescent colors; Polycoated; Easy tear Neon Colored. Used for color coding, labeling, floor marking, book binding and stage preparation in the hospitality, motion picture & A/V, motorsports and floral industries.

JVCC PATRIOT-1 Utility Grade Duct Tape

A multipurpose, economy grade duct tape. Made in the U.S.A.  General uses include  taping metal duct work (HVAC), packaging, sealing, masking, wrapping, and temporary holding. It can be ripped by hand, and it adheres well to a wide variety of  textured surfaces.

JVCC HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct TapeJVCC HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct Tape (3 x 60)

  A high grade polyethylene coated cloth duct tape.   This product is designed with  a    residue free natural rubber adhesive that comes off cleanly on  most surfaces. Striped safety warning duct tape is used for  temporary and permanent  marking of hazardous areas, floors, aisles, stairs, wires, and cords. HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct Tape is ideal for use in manufacturing, as well as in convention and exhibition centers.  A great product for  residential and  commercial sites. It can be easily ripped by hand.   It is easy to remove from most surfaces.
JVCC DTP-01 Duct Tape PatchJVCC DTP-01 Duct Tape Patch (8 inch x 4 foot black)

This product is a quick fix patch for  the racing industry and truck fleets. It is a large patch of premium grade duct tape that is applied, by hand, to a fast removing paper release liner. This allows for rapid fixes after body damage. Duct Tape Patch is also known as Fender Bandage. Made in the USA.

Duck Brand Printed Duck Tape

Colorful duct tape that is associated with high quality strength and moderate adhesion. Great  for repairs, organizing, designing, crafting and  one of a kind  projects. Easily ripped by hand. Great to use on a wide variety of surfaces. Patterns include polka dot,  camouflage, black and white checker,  tie-dye, dragon, hot rod flames, hardwood camouflage, leopard,  paint splatter, pink zebra, skulls and zig-zag zebra.

Polyken 223P223
This product is used for sealing duct work. It can also be used for hanging, seaming and patching PE sheeting. This can also be used for general purpose packaging, as well as holding insulation materials in place. It can be used as condensation barrier in refrigeration assemblies and color coding. 223 offers good adhesion and strength. It conforms well, does not twist or curl. low residue.
Polyken 231P231
This is a high performance waterproof packaging and sealing tape for military packaging and other demanding applications. This product offers high tensile strength, is extremely conformable,  straight tear; moisture, solvent, and abrasion resistant.  It  aggressively  adheres to most surfaces. It  is manufactured to conform to Federal Specification PPP-T-60E, Type IV, Class I ( supersedes PPP-T-60D, Amendment 2).

Nashua GP2280N2280

This product provides temporary holding and bonding.  It can be used for closing and reinforcing packaging. It can also be used for sealing and  temporary repairs, like patching. It  bonds well to a wide variety of smooth and textured surfaces.  It has a flexible PE backing which adheres well to irregular surfaces and shapes. It offers a smooth and  consistent unwind that allows for  easy  use in hand held applications. It is easy to tear by hand. Tested in conformance with UL723.
Nashua 357N357
  This tape can be used for heating, air conditioning, ventilating and refrigeration applications. It can seal  seams and joints in metal air flow systems, as well as  flexible duct equipped with metal collars. It works well for bonding, protecting, holding, repairing, and patching. It is used for asbestos removal and polyethylene hanging.  This tape has excellent tensile strength. It offers a clean release. It tears straight, hangs straight, and is curl resistant. It provides outstanding performance over a wide range of temperatures.

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