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Our newest Lathe arrived 9/18/2018 !

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J.V. Converting Co., Inc. (JVCC) is a Vetern Owned Adhesive Tape Converter that has been in business for over 20 years, with locations in Philadelphia, PA and Las Vegas, NV.

CONTACT US AT: sales@jvconverting.com

We stock and ship the products from our East and West Coast locations by the roll, case, or pallet. Blind – direct shipping to end users for online resellers is one of our specialties.

The following is a list of some of the types of tapes and the brands we stock:

Gaffer’s Tape (Scapa, Polyken, Shurtape, Pro Tapes,  JVCC, 3M)
Duct Tape (Shurtape, Polyken, Nashua, PolyNash, JVCC, Duck, 3M)
Paper Tapes (Shurtape, Pro Tapes, JVCC, Duck, 3M)
Vinyl Tapes (JVCC, ISC)
Double-Coated Tapes (Polyken, Scapa, JVCC, Shurtape, 3M)
Film Tapes (Shurtape, Polyken, Scapa, JVCC, 3M)
Safety Tapes (Berry Plastics, JVCC, Reflexite)
Athletic & Hockey Tapes (Jaybird & Mais)
Packaging & Strapping (JVCC, Shurtape, Intertape,3M)
Foils (Aluminum, Copper, Lead) (JVCC, Berry Plastics, Polyken,     Nashua, Shurtape)
Racer’s Tapes (Nascar + other styles) (ISC)

*We are currently updating our site as of 4/12/2021 please return later to find more information on the products we carry or contact us for faster service.*

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