Double Coated Tapes for Industrial Use

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JVCC DC-4109RSJVCC-DC-4109RS-Double-Coated-Film-Tape-260

JVCC DC-4109RS Double Coated Film Tape is a polyester film substrate coated on both sides with a modified solvent-free water-based acrylic adhesive. Used for splicing of various materials such as papers, plastics, films and foils. Can be used for mounting nameplates, keyboard assembly, and laminating dissimilar metals. DC-4109RS’s adhesion (29 ounces per inch) is comparable to a general-purpose masking tape. JVCC DC-4109RS Comes on a gold siliconized paper liner. Superior moisture resistance in high humidity. Excellent low and high temperature performance. Temperature Resistance up to 392°F short term.

Technical Data:

Adhesive: solvent-free water-based acrylic
Carrier/Backing: polyester film
Release Liner: gold siliconized paper
Thickness: 6.4 mils (carrier, adhesive, liner) 3.5 mils (carrier, adhesive) 0.5 mils (carrier) 2.9 mils (liner)
Adhesion: 29 ounces per inch (to stainless steel)
Tensile Strength: 7.5 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
Service/Operating Temperature: -40°F to 392°F
Elongation: 100%
Core: 3″ diameter-white


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