We are more than just Gaffer’s Tape!

For any of your pressure senstive tape needs, you’ll find it here.   The following is a list of some of the types of tapes and the brands we stock:

Gaffer’s Tape (Scapa, Polyken, Shurtape, Pro Tapes, Shurtape A&E – Formerly Permacel, North American Tapes, JVCC)
Duct Tape (Shurtape, Polyken, Nashua, PolyNash, JVCC)
Paper Tapes (Shurtape, Pro Tapes, JVCC, Shurtape A&E – Formerly Permacel)
Vinyl Tapes (JVCC, Salesmaster)
Double-Coated Tapes (Polyken, Scapa, JVCC, Shurtape)
Film Tapes (Shurtape, Shurtape A&E – Formerly Permacel, JVCC)
Safety Tapes (Berry Plastics, JVCC)
Athletic & Hockey Tapes (Jaybird & Mais)